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Fresh Air Ventilator India    
We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Air Ventilator, Fresh Air Ventilator, Fresh Air Ventilation Systems from India, Gujarat, Surat.

Fresh Air Ventilator

  Fresh Air Ventilator  
  The AIR VENTILATOR is a revolutionary conceptual product which exhausts the hot gases from an enclosed area without using any electric power. Yes absolute zero power consumption. It has no operating cost and gives excellent ventilation performance making the work areas like Boiler / furnance / Oven sheds, Curing and drying areas, Casting and molding sheds, workshops, Process area utility sheds, DG sheds, compressor houses, power house and packing area, go-downs, etc more cooler and comfortable to work in.

The Air Ventilators are most cost effective substitute to the exhaust fans which continuously gulp the electric power and also have maintenance problems.

  • No operating Cost
  • Run on wind power
  • Weather & Storm proof
  • Adaptable to any roofing
  • Economical & Ecological
  • Maintenance Free
Manufacturer of Fresh Air Ventilator
Types of Building Air Charges p/h
Class Room 10-15
Bakeries 12-20
Laundry 12-30
Packing Room 08-30
Brewery 08-30
Boiler Room 15-60
Painting Shop 10-30
Engine Room 12-30
Assembly Hall 06-12
Auditorium 04-12
Factories (Lights) 06-12
Factories (Heavy) 10-30
Transormer Room 12-30
Paper Mill 08-30
Warehouses 04-06
Textile 04-12

Material of Construction

Available In Aluminium and Stain steel. Powder coating, anodizing and epoxy paints can be done on request.

Choice of the (Aluminum, Stainless steel or any metal), numbers and installation of Fresh Air Turbine depend on considerations such as wind as wing velocity, temperature differentiable, shop environmental conditions, size of the building, location of the building and profile of the roof.
5 Years of Guarantee on this products
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