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Mid Sheet Fastener - Mid Sheet Fasteners,.    
Mid-Sheet Fasteners Manufacturers and Suppliers from India. Hakimi Wire Netting Ind. Provide Quality Mid-Sheet Fasteners, Mid-Sheet Fasteners Exporters.

Mid Sheet Fasteners

  Mid Sheet Fasteners  
  Fastening is usually done by screws,inserted along the supporting internal purl-ins. Spaced about 500mm(20in. ) Apart along the edge purl-in, the fastening screws should be inserted about 300mm (12in. ) apart.a hole must be pre-drilled into each screw location. The diameter of that hole should be 2mm large that of the screw, to allow for thermal expansion movements. In case of dark coloured sheets pre drill even large holes, and use wider fastener washers.Use of self-tapping or self-drilling screws is recommended. In case of wooden structures,suitable wood-screws should be used. All the screws should be corrosion resistant,with at least heavy-duty hot-dipped galvanised finish,or stainless steel if used in an extremely corrosive environment). The screws should be 6mm(1/4in. )diameter,with length according to sheet thickness type of washer and type of supporting structure.  
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