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PC Embossed Sheets India    
PC Embossed Sheets Manufacturers and Suppliers from India. Hakimi Wire Netting Ind. Provide Quality PC Embossed Sheets, PC Embossed Sheets Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of India.

PC Embossed Sheets

  PC Embossed Sheets  

Product Specification

PC Embossed Sheet
Thickness:1. 4mm-11mm
  polycarbonate sun panel is the floorboard of hollow board series (also called shatter proof glass, etc) and solid slab (also called solid sheet and transparent steel board), which is a project plastic of excellent combination property, having outstanding physical, mechanical, electric and thermal performance, so polycarbonate solid sheet has the laudatory title of king of plastic, it has good impact resistance, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, UV-resistance, inflaming retarding etc characteristics. It's widely used in lighting of public and private building, canopy, alleyway ceiling, sound insulating wall of elevated road, marketplace coping, plant greenhouse, which is the reasonable lighting shed material in the world and is the latest product widely canonised and recognition by modern constructor and decoration industry.  
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